At Le Fête Chocolat, we leave nothing to chance. Our fine chocolates and cookies are made with the best ingredients from around the world. All are crafted with extraordinary, exacting care and are designed to be individual pieces of edible art. Each morsel will stimulate your senses, from sight to taste, like no other. Allow your senses to share the joy as you savor La Fête!

Our Story

At La Fête, we believe luscious chocolate
improves the quality of life.

Our dream of spreading joy and celebration by creating the world’s most delectable chocolates and cookies began in 2006 in Santiago, Chile. Every day since then, we have been driven by a passion, an obsession, for quality. We travel the Earth in search of the finest natural ingredients from the best cacao-growing regions. We have developed the most innovative and creative ways to make incomparable chocolates. We provide award-winning service, delivered by our 400 people, 85% of whom are women. We support organizations in their quest to improve the lives of others. But most importantly, we do all we can to make people happy. It’s our vision and our name. La Fête literally means ‘the party.’ To us, it’s that – and more. It’s a celebration.
A celebration of life.

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Our Process

At La Fête, a passion for excellence defines everything we do. Making handcrafted, elegant chocolates and cookies for you to savor is an act of love. We use only the best, most delicious ingredients. We craft each morsel and each cookie in an exacting manner to ensure the very highest quality. At La Fête, we believe that a passion for excellence + love + the world’s finest ingredients make our chocolates and cookies amazing. For us, nothing less will do. This is chocolate, after all. This is La Fête.

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Our People

Our people make us special. Those who create our chocolates and cookies, those who search the world for the finest ingredients, those who craft each morsel of edible art, those who serve you in our stores – we, together, are La Fête. Each of our over 400 people, 85% of whom are women, all have a passion to bring to you the world’s finest chocolates and cookies. We’d love for you to meet a few of them.

Meet Our People

We Care

At La Fête we believe that supporting organizations dedicated to enhancing the well being of others is another important way to spread joy. In Chile, we are involved with Fundación Nuestros Hijos, an organization in Santiago that provides housing to families of children with cancer during their treatment. In Atlanta, we are proud to support Atlanta Ballet and The Atlanta Children's Shelter. For us, it's about adding joy and, in the process, providing financial assistance to those devoted to improving the quality of life.

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