Assorted Chocolates
Delight your senses with 30 of our assorted chocolates. A delicious sampling of La Fête's masterful bonbon fillings covered in milk, dark or white chocolate.
Single origin chocolates from around the world. Cocoa from Arriba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Java, Perú, Vanuatú, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Uganda. Each unique, each luscious, each amazingly delicious.
Organic chocolate. Organic cocoa from Costa Rica, organic milk from Europe, vanilla from Madagascar and sugar cane from Paraguay combine to create an amazing rich and warm flavor.
Chocolate tablets from Switzerland. Luxuriously smooth, creamy and delectable.
Les Barres
Chocolate bars of unparalleled quality and taste. Milk and dark chocolate, milk chocolate with caramel or praline, bars with no added sugar. Each luscious.
Le Grand
Beautifully packaged assortments make a grand statement of luxury and a wonderful gift.
No Sugar Added
The finest La Fête chocolates and dragee, sweetened only with maltitol. In dark, milk, and white chocolate varieties.