Our People


Meet Francisca Santa Maria. She leads La Fête’s marketing department and is responsible for just about everything you see, save for the chocolates themselves. Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Francisca is a proud mother of four, a weaver, makes tapestry, embroiders and is now learning to play the ukulele in the little free time she has. ‘I like to think of myself as an artist, if only to keep up with the amazingly creative people here who search the world for the best ingredients, design new candies and make our amazing chocolates and cookies. They are true artists!’





Meet Frank Beyer, the person responsible for every step involved in the making of La Fête chocolates and cookies. ‘The only way to make outstanding chocolates and cookies is to use the very best ingredients and to take great care in every detail. That’s what we do at La Fête.’ Born in Osorno, Chile, and the father of three daughters, Frank has been making food and gourmet chocolate for more years than he cares to admit. ‘I love chocolate and I love what I do.’ On Saturdays you’ll likely find Frank playing soccer. ‘I’m better at making elegant chocolates and cookies than I am at soccer. Good thing, too.’



Rodrigo Rivera


Meet Rodrigo Rivera, the Chocolatier at La Fête. The warm layers of flavor, the wonderful taste sensations you experience, the delicious chocolate that is La Fête — they’re all because of Rodrigo. ‘I may have the best job on Earth. My 7-year old daughter certainly thinks so. I search the world for the most amazing ingredients and create new and ever-more-interesting combinations of flavors with the sole purpose of making people happy. I have been preparing for this job my entire life. First, by studying European Pastry and Chocolate Arts in Switzerland. Then, by learning the science of fine chocolates and confections in universities and institutes in America and Europe. Without doubt, chocolate is my passion. It’s my life.’




Meet Valeria Lopez, a supervisor and leader of others who make chocolates and cookies at La Fête. ‘I love working at La Fête! I’ve received training and opportunity. I was promoted to this job. Now I have the chance to help those who work with me. And we are always trying new things, making new kinds of chocolates and cookies. My son, Victor, is so impressed, as are my friends who I take salsa lessons with. Maybe someday I will be able to dance as well as I make candy and cookies!’